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Are you going through a spiritual awakening and/or journey and feel like you can't talk to anyone because you are afraid of being judged or called "crazy"?  My passion is to help you navigate your spiritual journey and understand how truly amazing you are. Sometimes your spiritual journey can be terrifying while going through the dark night of the soul and having someone to talk to can make a world of a difference. I have personal experienced with sexual traumas, addiction, and feelings of guilt and shame. 

 Appointments available Sundays and Mondays 

Intuitive psychic readings

Intuitive One On One

1 Hour

One on ones are great for anyone going through a spiritual awakening and want help navigating what they are experiencing, without judgment.  Acknowledging the spiritual aspect of our existence can provide profound comfort and meaning. 

Plant Medicine

Interested in different modalities besides modern medicine? Are you suffering from addiction, self-hatred, and/or a deeper connection of yourself mentally and spiritually? 

plant medicine ceremony.
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